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Fundamental Analysis

Focus on fundamentals printed on book with calculator and pen

Fundamental Analysis is a way to look for stock opportunities based on the company’s financial data.  There are many different screeners out there to help you with fundamental analysis. It Is based on many factors looking at a number of different data elements of the balance sheet or income statement.  Bottom line, you are looking to buy stocks with a growing business.  There are many factors to look at now.  Growth of sales, EPS growth, and assets owned are some of the elements that investors will look at when screening.  Additionally,  there are many companies out there with research reports to help you find some of the best stocks with solid financials.  However,  you will need to do your research and become educated.   In time, we will be highlighting many ways to analyze a company’s financials.   Please don’t base any trades on fundamental analysis until you have a firm understanding of the methodology.  Experience and education will assist you on making informed decisions.   If not educated, use a broker. 

Education will be key.  People get paid to analyze the financials.  If in doubt, just look for assistance with the investment bankers or independent research firms.  Buying a MF or ETF will get you more diversification and more expert advice.  Please keep in mind, investing is not easy and there will always be losers.  This is why we will always preach stop losses.  It is easier to make up a 10% loss with a 11.1% gain in the next trade.  A 50% loss will require a 100% gain which is extremely difficult even for the pros. 

You should invest when you have the education, diversification, and willingness to take a loss.  Otherwise, invest in mutual funds or ETFs.  If you aren’t willing to take a loss or can’t diversify, buy a CD.  Education and protection against investment loss are big traits of a Fiscal Investor! 

Learning about Fundamental Analysis- Coming Soon!

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