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Producer Price Index (PPI)

The Producer Price Index (PPI) is a measure of prices from the manufacturer’s perspective.  Simply put if the prices for the producer’s goods go up, they will be passing the costs on to the consumer.  The index looks at domestic producers.   The PPI was up .7% in January which was higher than the .4% the street was expecting. This is a sign inflation is still an issue.  It is along with CPI is a measure of inflation in the economy. 

Schedule of Releases for the Producer Price Index

Reference MonthRelease DateRelease Time
January 2023Feb. 16, 202308:30 AM
February 2023Mar. 15, 202308:30 AM
March 2023Apr. 13, 202308:30 AM
April 2023May 11, 202308:30 AM
May 2023Jun. 14, 202308:30 AM
June 2023Jul. 13, 202308:30 AM
July 2023Aug. 11, 202308:30 AM
August 2023Sep. 14, 202308:30 AM
September 2023Oct. 11, 202308:30 AM
October 2023Nov. 15, 202308:30 AM
November 2023Dec. 13, 202308:30 AM

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The schedule for many of these releases listed on the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

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