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Economic Data, Earnings Reports, and the Presidential Election: Key Factors to Watch in 2024

The Market, Consumer, and Economy Rising

The S&P 500 reached the 5000 milestone, the Super Bowl season has concluded, consumer spending is up, and the economy shows remarkable resilience. So, what’s the issue with the current market? Despite the influx of positive news, it’s important to remember we’re in a presidential election year.

The market seems to be riding a wave of euphoria, yet a period of consolidation may be on the horizon. While the ongoing positive momentum presents opportunities, caution is advised due to the sustained high performance since October. The market’s continual setting of new records suggests that a breather might be due, yet timing such a pause is challenging.

At present, we’re witnessing strong data, a decelerating yet strong economy, low inflation rates, an enthusiastic consumer base, and a solid job market. Nonetheless, the S&P 500’s current price-to-earnings ratio exceeds 20, a level often associated with lackluster returns in the subsequent year.

Forecasting the stock market’s direction is inherently uncertain, yet drawing from current data, the 2024 outlook looks to be positive. On the positive side, the S&P 500 has had a vigorous start to 2024, hitting multiple record highs, which could extend with sustained favorable conditions. A potential easing or reduction in interest rates by the Federal Reserve later in the year could further fuel stock market gains. Additionally, some analysts anticipate continued, although modest, growth in corporate earnings, which could bolster stock valuations.  Investors will be looking for buying opportunities on any negatives.

In the coming week, 61 S&P 500 companies, including prominent names from the gig economy like Lyft, Instacart, and DoorDash, are slated to report their earnings. Other major companies, such as AutoNation, Kraft Heinz, Hasbro, and Coca-Cola, will provide insights into the U.S. consumer climate. Moreover, significant earnings reports from companies like John Deere, Coinbase, Airbnb, and Shopify will be awaiting by investors, alongside crucial economic indicators such as the consumer price index, retail sales, and the producer price index, expected to be released throughout the week.

Key Points:

  • The S&P 500 has started 2024 strong, hitting new highs.
  • The Federal Reserve is expected to lower interest rates later in 2024, which is typically bullish for stocks.
  • Investors and companies are predicting modest continued growth in corporate earnings.
  • The S&P 500’s P/E ratio is above 20, which might indicate lower returns in the coming year.
  • Potential for consolidation: After significant gains, the market might be due for a period of correction.
  • Economic data, earnings reports, and the presidential election will be key factors to watch this week.

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